The Huffington Post - Anne Holland Campaigns for Defibrillators

Anne Holland was recently featured on the Huffington Post Australia website with an article outlining her campaign to have Defibrillators to be as common as fire extinguishers:

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Melbourne nurse Anne Holland and her five children were left devastated when her husband Paul died at the age of 56 of a sudden cardiac arrest at their home.

“He was fit and healthy and had just returned from his regular two hour Sunday bike ride,” Holland said.

Paul had gone upstairs after his bike ride and that’s where he tragically died -- it was 45 minutes before the family discovered him. In the years following her beloved husband's death, Holland has devoted her life to educating people about the importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and campaigning to ensure every school and office has one.

“It was Paul’s death and my professional background in critical and coronary care that ignited the passion in me to make a difference. I initially started my business Defib First to raise awareness and educate about saving lives with AEDs but it became apparent that there was a need to supply the devices as well.”

View the full article on the Huffington Post website or download a pdf of the article here.

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