C.A.R.D.I.O Medical Emergency Control Plan

 CARDIO Medical Emergency Control Plan brochure.page 1.Front Cover CARDIO Medical Emergency Control Plan brochure.page 1.Front Cover  CARDIO Medical Emergency Control Plan brochure.page 3.DRSABCD  CARDIO Medical Emergency Control Plan brochure.page 4.Back Cover


  • complements DRSABCD during the first aid management of a sudden cardiac arrest
  • guides bystander responders to manage a medical emergency incident more efficiently and effectively
  • improves survival outcomes by coordinating rescue management & reducing critical response time

During workplace & community First Aid response, there is frequently a lack of coordinated information on how to manage the scene of a medical emergency to minimise delays and optimise first aid response.

The emphasis has most importantly been on the DRSABCD primary action plan for resuscitating the victim, however, many organisations do not factor logistical and time management of the scene into that response.

Another aspect that is too frequently overlooked is provision of debriefing support for employees and witnesses of a medical incident. Unlike fire/smoke management plans, which are mandated, there are no similar requirements for controlling medical emergency incidents.

C.A.R.D.I.O. has been devised by Anne Holland from Defib First and Angie De Falco from Adopt-A-Defib. Further enquiries to Anne 0414 560 364 and Angie 0415 075 185 (SMS)


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