The Book 'Back in a Heart Beat'

The wisdom of placing AEDs throughout the community seems obvious and long overdue and thousands of lives will be saved as a result.

Ranked No 1 for Safety & First Aid and Cardiology on Amazon in Australia and UK, Back in a Heart Beat is a must read reference focused on busting the myths and fears associated with sudden cardiac arrest and the use of defibrillators by members of the public. It presents an authoritative case for rapid and widespread deployment of AEDs. Anyone can be an urban lifesaver by applying a defibrillator.

Back in a Heart Beat Book Price: $29.99

Minutes matter during a sudden cardiac arrest and the victim’s very survival depends upon bystanders quickly applying an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate – it can strike anyone, of any age, anytime, anywhere and is the leading cause of death in the industrialised world. But it is the one cause of death in which the actions of an ordinary person can restore life.

The possibility of a layperson having to deal with a cardiac arrest in Australia is 590 times more likely than a fire related fatality.  Fire extinguishers, first aid kits and evacuation plans are mandatory in workplaces and public spaces and have reduced death rates, yet a simple machine that would save many lives is seldom available.

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About Anne Holland:

Founder of Defib First and not-for-profit Urban Lifesavers, Anne Holland is an educator, presenter, speaker and author. Anne is a registered nurse, with extensive experience in post anaesthetic critical care, a first aid trainer and nurse immuniser who brings her professional and personal experience to her commitment for change with passion and determination.

Minutes matter in a cardiac arrest and urban lifesavers need to apply an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) without fear or hesitation.

Anne’s passion for educating ordinary people to become urban lifesavers stems from the loss of her husband, Paul – a father of five. Out of this passion, her business Defib First was born and is focused on education and awareness with the ultimate aim to make AEDs as commonplace as fire extinguishers. Her vision is to see AEDs included as key components of the emergency First Aid equipment available in all public spaces and workplaces across Australia.

In addition, the goal is to ensure that everyone knows how to apply an AED and potentially save a life and as such Anne founded the NFP Urban Lifesavers in mid 2015.

In her book, Back in a Heart Beat, Anne busts the myths associated with cardiac arrest and defibrillators and discusses the critical importance of public access defibrillators, especially in the workplace, as well as how easy and safe they are for bystanders to use in an emergency.

Anne believes that we do not have to be bystanders; we call can be Urban Lifesavers. There is no greater reward than to save the life of another person.

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February 26, 2016, Frances Nugent RN

An empowering must read for all

Excellent book. Informative for everyone regardless of your job or lifestyle. It destroys the myths communicated via uneducated opinions and popular media (movies, TV etc) that perpetuate the issues that might make a person hesitate to use or attach an AED in a situation of concern. Thanks Anne


February 21, 2016, Jim Allen, Allens Training

I highly recommend this publication for a novice to an expert

As the CEO for a major training organisation RTO 90909 and having also being a Paramedic for 28 years, this unique book would have to be the most crafted and informative book of Defibrillation that I have read. I highly recommend this publication for a novice to an expert, its’ just brilliant.


February 23, 2016, Clare Ryan RN

Thank you Anne

As a Registered Nurse embarking into the field of education, training and assessment, Anne's book is a valuable resource not only for the health professional but also the layperson. The information she provides is factual and succinct. The book has great statistics and certainly busts the myths surrounding the use of a defibrillator. Anne's message is from the heart and she successfully allays any fear or hesitation for a bystander to use an AED.

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